Organizing your makeup products will make your morning (or going out) routine easier, faster and less stressful.
Here’s how:

First, sort through all of your products. Identify products that may be old or dried out and toss them. Take inventory: do you need to replace that item, or are you better off trying something new? And what about that cosmetics case? Remember, just as your makeup brushes harbor acne-inducing bacteria, so does the container that you keep them in. Either wash out the container or bag with warm water and gentle soap, or replace it.

Next, after you’ve figured out what’s staying and what’s not, organize all of the same types of items together. If you’re a lip gloss connoisseur or eye liner junkie, keep them together. Compartmentalize each “category” in separate little cases so that they’re easy to track down. No more digging through to find that miniature tube of mascara! 

Lastly, try to reduce the amount of products that you carry in your handbag for touch-ups. There’s really no need to stash a bunch of different blushes, lipsticks, etc. with the thought that “one day” they might come in handy. If you rarely use it now, you’re not going to use it in the future either. Instead of filling your makeup bag to the brim, pack only a few necessary items. 

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