Hard Night Good Morning has searched around the world for the best ingredients that benefit your skin. Our Detox Mineral Masque should be your weekly weapon against clogged pores, environmental damage and aging. The masque is clay based and full of ingredients you would never know help your skin. Sea salt strengthens the dermis, sapindus mukrossi fruit extract is a antibacterial and protects against those pesky free radicals. The MalaKite™ stabilizes pH levels of the skin, and protects against accelerated aging from oxidative damage. For best results, give the masque 25 to 30 minutes to feel and see major improvement. 

For a cosmetic overhaul inside and out, you can also try Ultimate Living's Anti-Aging Formula, our own internal cosmetic. These power packed capsules are an excellent nutritional supplement for your skin, containing cutting edge ingredients to help your skin maintain that youthful glow and feel! The formula helps increase skin smoothness and promotes soft, plump, and tight skin. It is your internal defense to decrease fine lines, wrinkles and dry skin with a host of ingredients to help restore skin's natural oils and prevent premature aging.

DMAE, a super antioxidant, helps prevent the formation of age spots or liver spots, as they are also called. Another important ingredient is pomegranate seed extract. These little seeds go a long way! Pomegranate seeds help protect and repair you skin through cell regeneration. Pomegranates also have sun protective compounds that protect the skin from free radicals. The antioxidants in these little seeds are a small miracle for your skin. And most importantly we have added collagen complex. Collagen is a complex structural protein that maintains strength and flexibility throughout the body and is super important for your skin! Promoting collagen synthesis is a key component of many skin care anti-aging ingredients. We all lose collagen as we age and this is a way to put a little back every day! 

Start the New Year off right with a consistent detox and anti-aging regimen that works! These products help maintain glowing skin, promote a youthful appearance, and protect from potential threats from the environment. Hard Night Good Morning and Ultimate Living can help you get on track.

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