Modern-Day Coffins


Spring is around the corner and what does that mean? Shorts weather! Everyone wants to look their best and that means getting their tan back. This is the time of year when people start hitting the tanning beds. Before you lather up and throw on the awful alien goggles consider this, tanning beds are BAD for you skin and overall health.

Is getting a tan worth the increased risk of skin cancer and premature aging? Listen up people! This is SO simple…tanning beds lead to cancer, even eye cancer! This was even a new one to me. Not only do tanning beds cause cancer, they cause premature aging. UV rays cause the skin to lose elasticity, which leads to wrinkles. The loss of skin elasticity has been linked to the reduction in overall immunity strength. Therefore, the less elastic your skin, the higher the risk of developing other diseases.

So how dangerous is tanning? These "modern-day coffins" have joined ranks with crash diets and texting-and-driving. The risk of developing skin Melanoma increases after just one blistering sunburn, and contrary to popular belief, it is possible to get a sunburn in a tanning bed. Your eyes also have an increased risk of developing cataracts and corneal burns even with the funky goggles! 

Tanning beds are especially dangerous for younger users. Younger skin faces a higher risk of skin damage, because younger bodies experience a faster growth rate, leaving their cells more prone to damage. 

Here are some scary stats: 

-Skin Cancer is the #1 most common cancer in the US

-Skin Cancer is the #2 killer of women 

-1 person dies every 57 minutes from Skin Cancer

It is never to late to start doing the right thing for your skin and overall health. So make a springtime resolution and cancel your tanning membership. Put is towards the gym instead. You will save some $$ and save your hide! If your face has suffered the consequences of too much tanning, you can rebuild your skin elasticity with Hard Night Good Morning's Facial Cocktail Serum and Nighttime Moisturizer. These products have ingredients to promote collagen 1 synthesis and increase fibroblast production of pro-collagen. Plus the Facial Cocktail Serum is your "one stop shop" for lifting, toning and tightening the skin while providing an instant, all-natural glow. Here's to happy, healthy skin!


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