What Is Your Eating Age?


I'm not perfect and I don't plan on giving up my favorite foods (in moderation of course). Life is short, I plan to enjoy it and food is my ultimate passion in life. I have been a home cook since I was a little girl and I am pretty good at it! Just ask my husband and he will tell you being married has not been easy on his waistline, although he loves my cooking! We all indulge in foods that are not good for us from time to time. What is my ultimate downfall?? Hands down, it's French Fries. I don't care about sweets, but give me a salty stick of potatoey goodness and I am smitten for life!

Unfortunately, a poor diet can lead to the acceleration of your skin's aging process and that is the last thing we all want. You and I both want to look fabulous no matter what (unless there is a French Fry a few feet away from me). Good thing I have Hard Night Good Morning to combat my weak culinary cravings. Hard Night Good Morning has a compilation of exotic ingredients and a unique line of products that can battle negative side affects from your favorite foods. Below are some foods that can make you look older. Don't worry, because we have your back!

SWEETS! Eating more sugar than your cells can handle starts a process called glycation. Glycation damages skin's collagen, the protein that keeps your skin youthful and firm. Our Facial Cocktail Serum can save your sweet tooth. This product is a "one stop shop" for lifting, tightening and toning and can combat damaged collagen to provide an instant, all-natural glow. 

Let's party! We all can enjoy a night out, but if you had a little too much fun, listen up! A healthy liver means healthy skin. When toxins build up in the liver it leads to acne and wrinkles. Alcohol is also dehydrating and has a poor effect on your sleeping rhythm, which also accelerates aging. Had a late night? Use our Detox Mineral Masque to detox those clogged pores, combat environmental damage and overall aging. 

For the carnivores…Charred meat contains pro-inflammatory hydrocarbons. These hydrocarbons cause inflammation and break down our precious collagen. Our moisturizers are your perfect remedy for meataholics!  Daytime Moisturizer contains Alguard®, which is a red algae that targets pro-inflammatory conditions in the skin. Our Nighttime Moisturizer hydrates your skin and rebuilds your collagen while you sleep, to recapture your youthful glow.

Salt, salt, salt! Salt causes our skin to retain water, therefore making us look puffy. You can combat fluid retention with our  Daytime Moisturizer and Eye Cream. The Daytime Moisturizer improves skin hydration and elasticity to reveal a more youthful glow and helps to "de-puff" yourself (great for someone like me who likes her fries). The  Eye Cream minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by dehydration. It also reduces puffiness and dark circles thanks to our special caffeine, arnica and peptide concoction.

Feeling the heat? Spicy foods (my second biggest downfall) aggravates rosacea prone skin. If you eat spicy food regularly it can lead to flare-ups, which leads to puffiness. For any situation, our Daytime Moisturizer will be your own personal rescue remedy because it tames rosacea prone skin so you don't have to worry about occasional flare-ups!

No matter how hard you are on your skin, be good to yourself and replenish your skin with Hard Night Good Morning skin care. Take it from me, a woman who knows food and loves her skin too! Enjoy your life, your passion for food (in balance) and enjoy having beautiful skin!


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    I have rosacea and since using Hard Night Good Morning I have not had to use the prescription cream prescribed by my dermatologist!

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