Our focus this week is Teens and Skin Care!

Relieve your teen with the stress of going back to school and surprise her with the best gift a girl could ask for - The AM Cleanser!

Our AM Cleanser can used on both adults and teenagers. It contains a high concentration of antioxidants that help protect against cellular damage from free radicals. It leaves the skin with a radiant, healthy glow and prepares the skin to absorb antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients.

Listed are some key ingredients:

  • Jojoba Beads - A light exfoliant for everyday use that will not burn, tear, or irritate the skin
  • Acai extract - A powerful botanical that helps improve skin elasticity while protecting against free radicals.
  • Papaya extract - This natural exfoliator is abundant in antioxidants and helps remove dead skin, blemishes, and dark spots

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