Oil Is Your Friend

A tip by D'Andra

Oil is your friend—type specific, that is! In the winter we are normally drier inside and out, due to the climate change and being subjected to radiators and heating systems indoors where we live and work. While these are essential to our comfort, they can wreak havoc on our skin. Some of the ways I combat the new seasonal surroundings are by sticking to my routine of taking oils internally, and adding them externally to my skin care products and my baths etc. I take fish oil and flax oil every day. In addition, I take flax oil in the morning with my breakfast. By the way, 3g of fish oil each day is recommended by dermatologists to stave off acne, psoriasis and eczema. Please note, if you have extreme or persistent dry skin it can sometimes be an early sign of hypothyroidism, sarcoidosis (inflammatory disease), lymphoma or basic essential fatty acid deficiency. In any case, if you have severe or persistent dry skin you need to pay a visit to your physician. 

(image by russianchicagomag.com)

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