Tips for Sensitve Skin

Soap is the number one offender when it comes to sensitive skin. Why? Soap dehydrates skin by pulling out lipids, which then allows many things to pass into the skin that would otherwise be blocked by the lipids. That squeaky clean feeling on your skin after you wash with soap may not be the best environment for your skin. Soap most of the time radically alters pH levels of skin, often making it too alkaline, thus drying it out when in reality the skin needs to be acidic. Ordinary, commercially available soaps are highly alkaline (pH range 9-11) and raise the skin's pH to be much more alkaline. The pH of normal healthy skin should ideally be between 4.5 - 6.

D’Andra’s Tip: No matter what you use to wash your face, restoring alkalinity to skin is key, and the reason everyone should use a toner after they wash their face. Toners restore normal pH of the skin, and thus provide an environment not conducive to the growth of bacteria, which can create sensitive skin and acne. Following cleansing with the use of a toner will close the open pores, preventing blackheads and loss of moisture from the skin. Hard Night Good Morning Detox Toner is a great choice because it is formulated with the restoration of skin’s pH balance in mind.

Last, consider that a cosmetic product (makeup--different than skin care) can contain 12-25 ingredients, all of which are more or less active chemicals. With new products and ingredients on the market each day, they may contain many more. If you use just four products per day on the skin (not very likely) you may be applying upwards of 100 chemicals a day on your face. It is virtually impossible to know what effect these chemicals will have on the skin, either singly or combined.


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