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  • Medical Treatments for When Acne Gets Tough – Part 2

    A few weeks ago, I wrote about chemical peels as an effective way to control your acne. As a bonus, those chemical peels can help your skin look younger around a week after the treatment. Although there are many benefits to chemical peels, there isn’t one answer to every situation and every skin problem. View Post
  • What Is Your Eating Age?

      I'm not perfect and I don't plan on giving up my favorite foods (in moderation of course). Life is short, I plan to enjoy it and food is my ultimate passion in life. I have been a home cook since I was a little girl and I am pretty good at it! Just ask my husband and he will tell you being m... View Post
  • The Secret Behind Barley

    According to a recent article by some of the best nutritional book writers Joe and Terry Graedon, from The People's Pharmacy with Joe and Terry Graedon, Barley is a natural secret that can help with clearing acne! According to this article, "It was stated in a foods cookbook that, it has been sai... View Post