• #HNGM Set
Hard Night Good Morning


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Limited Edition #HNGM Set includes:

AM Moisturizer - 1.7 oz/48.2g

  • An emollient-rich aloe vera based daily moisturizer, containing powerful antioxidants to help defend the skin from free radicals.

    • Alguard™ - Red Marine Algae protects against inflammation and irritation and provides a mild natural sun barrier.
    • Pro-Coll-One+™ - Boosts collagen I synthesis and smoothes skin.
    • Allantoin™ - Soothes and helps to repair damaged skin.
    • Argan Oil™ - Helps fight blemishes, hydrates, and combats signs of aging.
    • Jojoba Seed Oil - Reduces redness, helps ease effects of rosacea, and may help soothe sunburns.
  • Key Ingredients: Alguard™, Pro-Coll-One+™, Allantoin™, Argan Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil

AM Cleanser - 6 fl. oz/118.3 ml

  • An antioxidant-rich exfoliating cleanser enhanced with jojoba beads to gently slough off dead skin cells and leave skin glowing.

    • Vitaberry® - Blend of fruit that is rich in anti-oxidants and helps prevent signs of premature aging.
    • Jojoba Beads - Provide gentle exfoliation for everyday use. Helps soften and refine the skin’s appearance.
    • Witch Hazel - Acts as an astringent to help shrink pores. Reduces inflammation and irritation.
    • Papaya Extract - Helps heal acne, fights signs of aging, and lightens blemishes.
    • Green Tea Extract - Soothes skin, prevents redness, and is high in anti-oxidants.
  • Key Ingredients: Vitaberry®, Jojoba Beads, Witch Hazel, Papaya Extract, Green Tea Extract

Eye Cream - 0.5 oz/14.2g

  • Our revolutionary eye cream contains 4 key Trademarked ingredients in a botanical infusion of plant extracts.

    • Suberlift™ - Smooths, firms, and tightens.
    • Lys'lastine™ V - Improves elasticity, firmness, and texture of the skin.
    • Eyeliss™ - Helps combat puffiness and improves blood circulation under the eyes.
    • Cytobiol™ Lumin-Eye - Helps to fight dark circles and puffiness by strengthening blood capillaries. 
  • Key Ingredients: Suberlift™, Lys'lastine® V, Eyeliss™, Cytobiol™ Lumin-Eye

24K Gold Anti-Aging Under Eye Mask

  • Helps moisturize and hydrate the skin.

    • Contains a magnetic effect that draws impurities and toxins from dehydrated congested pores.
    • Helps minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles to reflect a more revitalized and renewed appearance.
    • Helps reduce excess oils and bio-actives all while providing vital nutrition and hydration that assist in revitalizing and detoxifying the skin.
  • Key Ingredients: Licorice, Nano Gold, Algae Extract

Black Canvas Bag