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  • Skin Care Doesn't Stop at the Chin

    Cleanse, tone, moisturize, and protect…the face is the skincare regimen followed by most women every morning and night. But, where do your 4 steps stop? If you’re not paying attention to your neck and décolleté, you’re not completing two key components of your skincare routine. The neck area is o... View Post
  • Banish the Winter Blahs

    In some areas of the country, cool or even bitter cold, gray days lie ahead of us for the next few months, so it may be time to consider a vacation to renew our body and spirit. View Post
  • Beauty Secret's Learned with Himba Women in Africa.

    Photos By Jeremy Lock™ My husband and I spent five weeks in Africa in 2015. Two of those five weeks were spent traveling in Namibia with our guide and friend Jaco van der Westhuizen of African Days, a Namibian travel company. My husband is a photojournalist, and he really wanted to spend some tim... View Post